CCIPL has been very passionately involved with education vertical for last 10 years and has been ensuring that the students are part of the digital economy.


What we provide

For a seamless wireless ecosystem, a robust WiFi infrastructure is an absolute necessity. Especially in campuses where students and faculty continually need Internet to research and access valuable information, building and maintaining such kind of seamless connectivity becomes an imperative.

This is where Convergent Communications comes in picture.

We today manage whole campus LAN, WAN, Internet and Wi-Fi requirements in the campus. We avail you to effortlessly associate with the internet with minimum response time. Our strong Wi-Fi network helps the user to access numerous devices with a single sign-in across the campus. Thereby 11000 endorsers are on boarded with 50% concurrency rate.

The standard service includes an internet speed of 2.5 - 5 Mbps to each student with 30GB of download/upload data per month. The customised service is a paid model to access the high-end bandwidth.


Our Values

This solution will help you focus on the primary business of education while we manage the communication network with aptitudinal man-power, constantly interacting with students through social media forums.


RELIEVE IT BURDEN from management

More often than not, districts are relying on faculty and staff to supplement the IT role resulting in a heavy work load, missed opportunities and significant network downtime. A managed service from CCIPL Wi-Fi provider can decrease the IT burden and allow IT department to support education segment.


"We are here for you to satisfy your appetite for knowledge."

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