Hospitality Segment

CCIPL offer in-INN services with manpower to guarantee uptime of the WiFi Services to hotel Guest, Banquet and its eateries.


What we provide

Wi-Fi is a standout amongst the most noticeable services a Hotel provides, and is crucial to Guest experience and Staunchness. In order to fortify its vision to provide seamless connectivity, Convergent provides Wi-Fi Access Points all over the Hotel premises covering the entire Dead Zones with High speed Internet connectivity.

The centralized Wi-Fi management platform permits the Hotel Network Administrator to manage and monitor the entire wireless network with better efficiency. We provide secure connections and restricts to unauthorized access leads to diminish the hacking of other system within the network in the premises.

This Integrated solution offers us to provide reliable wireless coverage for guest in each and every room of the Hotel. Our In-premise installed Routers, Switches, and Servers increase the supporting capacity of Bandwidth for users with 0% downtime.

We provide a capacity to deliver a network with adequate Bandwidth to up to 1500 simultaneous user gadgets. The services are 24X7 basis available to guests and are compliant with the local rules of DOT. We Reboot, in less than 5 minutes, the system goes online and commences service to the customer.


Our Values

CCIPL offers world-class Hotspot service that prompts to customer allegiance. We offer the best esteem and cost-to-benefit ratio, leads make a different Revenue Stream for the Hospitality segment.

CCIPL services are well integrated with the hotel billing systems and are white-labelled for the hotel. The Benefits Are Streamline processes, Transparency in billing, and subsequently increase profitability, results in achieving customer’s loyalty.


"If you are looking for fastest Wifi service, then our offering is the right solution for you".