Managed Business Analytics

Managed Business Analytics

Our dedicated CCIPL team of professionals will help you draw real-time and valuable insights from the growing mounds of data in your organization. We are experienced in tailoring solutions specific to our customer’s situation to help them get the most from their current business analytics investments. We monitor and manage popular business analytics platforms from SAP to help you manage costs, enhance business analytics functionality, and improve service levels.

We are helping companies to manage their business processes using real-time predictive analytics based on dynamic business analytics technologies. Our Data Analytics platform enables you to improve end-user experience through insights gained from intelligent business analytics. This allows you to deliver engaging personalized content that is relevant to your customers.

Reporting and BI includes the following capabilities:

  • Interactive Dashboards: Provided the data presentation record in dashboard format.
  • Custom Report Generation: We facilitate custom querying, presentation and formatting data retrieved from system.
  • On- Demand Data Exports: Enables the export of data into common file formats (e.g. PDF, XLS, CSV, etc.).
  • Scheduled Report Generation: We also facilitate the configuration of user-defined schedules to execute generation and email delivery of a published report.

We are here to enable you to connect your WiFi access to your existing CRM modules and manage people and connect your assets for more streamlined and cost-efficient operations.

Reports you can rely on

Our Analytics solution is built on a centralized data model which enables organizations to capture customer demographics and translate that data into actionable business perspicacity. Reporting engine avails you to instantly retrieve and share up-to-date information in the shortest time. It also includes 500+ predefined reports, visualizing data across BI applications.

You can engender reports and save, share, publish or export them as needed. Report types include list, charts, calendar-predicated views of data in a particular table. If none of the predefined reports meet your desire, you can additionally engender your own custom reports as well as integrate reports on the abode pages and dashboards to apportion information across your organization.

In our Business Intelligence portal, every single activity on screen is automatic, transparent, efficient, and error-free with real time tracking. These activities include:

  • Calculate Budget Analysis on daily and monthly basis during current financial year and compare growth in revenue with respect to last financial year; Budget Analysis also done according to Area and Payment Mode.
  • Monitoring of total data usage along with total no. of customers and average usage per user per month.
  • Counting the number of complaints include closed, assigned, and pending complaints.
  • Analysis of customer care by daily monitoring the Inbound and outbound calls with average handling time, also track customer’s data and the amount paid by them.
  • Analysis of Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and details about Active & Deactive customers