Managed Wifi

Managed Wifi Services

Managed Wi-Fi is an IP- predicated service offering plenary managed, secure end-to-end wireless networking solution that provides businesses seamless Wi-Fi Internet access virtually anywhere across the enterprise. It comes with comprehensive management implements that avail manage and maximize wireless access.

In addition to all services our fundamental Wi-Fi service offers:

  • Illimitable Access Points(AP).
  • Option to stipulate the maximum time any single utilizer uses Wi-Fi within a circadian span.
  • Customer’s cull of constraining the total bandwidth to a single utilizer providing all customers with a consistent experience.
  • Pay-Per-Service.
  • Marketing Analytics with standard reports of Wi-Fi network users.

How does the Service work?

  1. It all commences with felicitous equipment for your venue or building. With so many variables, providing a great Wi-Fi experience denotes having the right equipment in the current location. Our expert team conducts an assessment to determine the optimal Wi-Fi setup for you.
  2. We then authorize the necessary equipment and schedule an install date.
  3. After that, our Access Points are ready to experience the best possible wireless connection.
  4. In overall, we configure, support and manage your Wi-Fi network as a component of the service, so all support needed is included in your low monthly service fee.

Why should you offer Wi-Fi?

  1. To keep customers elated
  2. Staying competitive
  3. Analytics and insights

But why is that paramount to you?

Internet having become an indispensable part of our lives, consumers no longer consider free Wi-Fi a perk anymore. It’s something they expect from their restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, hotels, and businesses, and most let Wi-Fi connectivity influence their decision of where to frequent