Retail and Public Wi-Fi


Convergent provide better visibility, in real time, into the states of assets in the Retail segment.


What We Offer

CCIPL offers fully managed Wi-Fi Solution for Retail and Public Wi-Fi internet users. Users have flexibility of using these services in multiple devices of their choices. CCIPL takes care of back end management and compliance requirements to authentication requirements.

These services are also offered white-labelled for many retails user who wants to offer Wi-Fi as a service to their community or their shoppers. Convergent helps the retailers to automate the billing cycle and save money on manual processes.

While Retailer like chains, brand, restaurants, public utility service providers get host of reports and analytics of the services being consumed to foot fall analysis and many more.


Our Values

Convergent has established State-of-Art Wifi services. We always concerned about user benefit along with their comfort & convenience.


New Location Based Services (LBS)

Location Predicated Accommodations (LBS) are valuable implements for high utilizer density Wi-Fi networks in use at Malls and Public places. LBS utilizes a Wi-Fi enabled device’s current location to provide an enhanced service or experience. By being within the physical boundaries of a Wi-Fi network or logging into it, LBS can determine a user’s location. Once authenticated, a user’s location can be tracked and they can be presented with localized content.


Audience Building & Profiling

LBS can be acclimated to gain valuable customer insight and analytical data from your high utilizer density Wi-Fi network. Once you ken who and where your users are, you can utilize this data to market directly to them.

  • Pinpoint a Utilizer to a Specific Magnetization
  • Reward Customers for Frequent Visits
  • Deliver Mobile Advertising, Promotions, and Price Match Promises

Optimize your Operations with LBS

Businesses continually look for ways to optimize their operations. LBS use a powerful tool such as PI/ N-Sight perception to increase business efficiencies in virtually every department. Workforce Tracking

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Reduces Operational Costs
  • Enhance Customer Communications
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Pinpoint and Relieve Bottlenecks

Real Time Analysis for Customer Insight and Analytics

CCIPL’s high user density Wi-Fi network solutions not only accommodate massive numbers of logins, but withal our customer insight and analytics solution enables venues to market directly to users. Venues can track authentic time visitor footfalls, send them targeted e-Shot email and other localized content.

  • Customer Analytics and Reports
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Content Management System
  • Targeted e-Shot Email Delivery Service
  • Network Analytics and Reports
  • Private Messages Inbox

"We are the one who understands what you need and what your customer wants ".