Smart City

We have been a pioneer in this vertical. Along with our ecosystem partners, we've been delivering value to our user community in deploying, managing and maintaining near 100% uptime of the wireless infrastructure that enables most of the services for the smart city.


What we provide

We provide adaptable and reliable Wi-Fi services as a part of IoT services in the Houses and Buildings in Smart Cities. CCIPL is committed to enhancing IT solutions that improve effectiveness and efficiency of the IoT Services. We help customers to reduce support costs while enhancing perceivability into the performance of the IT infrastructure.

Alongside the Wi-Fi infrastructure manage a host of IOT devices that brings scores of information and deliver function to the city. We implement a centralized IT managed service which controls all the host and remote devices and access points.

We alongside Dvois Communication connects Physical devices and access points to the internet for intelligent decision-making and track performance 24/7. Our Value proposition maximize up-time with eminent bits of erudition and computerize the procedures for set-and-overlook strategy.


Our Values

We provide cerebrations and bits of erudition to endeavours on the privilege IoT solutions. Our goal is to empower the service provider to develop and deploy IoT Applications and services in Smart Cities.

Our values in Smart City based on “Conveying Right Information to the Right Person at the Right Time”. We connect individuals in more relevant, consequential ways and leveraging data into more useful information.


"We help you build smarter cities with our end-to-end capabilities supported by our services."

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